New Episode of Southern Mysteries Radio Discussing the Dead Childrens Playground

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Great location with wonderful evidence and an air of mystery that’s off the charts

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Southern Mysteries Group meet and greet.

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Listen in as we introduce our team and discuss our premiere episode of our web series on you tube. Also just having fun and talking paranormal. Share Like and follow thanks for checking us out.

Southern Mysteries Paranormal Group…

Southern Mysteries Radio

Join us tomorrow night 9/24/15 at 7pm CST. For a special broadcast on our radio show.

We will be doing a meet and greet with our team and Discussing this week’s investigation location. (The Dead Childrens Playground) A paranormal hot spot that’s become legend in the south.

The Mystery doesn’t stop there. After our Radio Show Watch me live on periscope. As I do a campfire test of some new spirit box apps with Katalina the haunted doll I have been investigating for months now. katalina

We hope you will joins us both on blogtalk radio and afterwards live Just search @GhostlyCowboy on periscope. Chat call in and get your questions answered. Or share your own experiences with us. Looking forward to hearing from everyone..

Sincerely James Wraieth …The Ghostly Cowboy….

First Episode of Southern Mysteries Radio

Check Out Paranormal Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with GhostlyCowboy on BlogTalkRadio

Ok I would like to start off by saying the first episode wasn’t what I had hoped and I take full responsibility for this. Lol last minute program changes kinda dissolved what I had planned for our first episode. And left me just sort of winging it. And being new to the whole thing well lets just say my head gained a few hundred more grey hair tonight.

But hey that’s life right. Wasn’t a total disaster I did learn a lot about the operating system for blogtalk radio and some way’s to improve.

So I hope you enjoy the episode and just know I will be doubling my efforts to make it better. Thank you to all of our listeners and We will get better..

Sincerely James Wraieth

Southern Mysteries Radio Premiere


(Producers Note Due to a situation Beyond our control there has been a programing change with tonight’s episode.  We had originally planed for a meet and greet with our entire team. Unfortunately three of our team members will not be able to make the premiere tonight.

But never fear as they say the show must go on. And we will still be announcing our first web series air date as well as discussing the location. And taking questions from our chat and call in guests. we apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment this may have caused.

Also we will be hard at working to get a special broadcast done Thursday night that will have the entire team here for a meet and greet with our listeners and viewers.  Thank you for your understanding and support …..James Wraieth )

All of us here at Ghostly Cowboy Productions, Are proud to announce the premiere episode of our new Southern Mysteries Radio Show. Each week we will be discussing our investigations, idea’s and experiences with our audience.

We want to offer our listeners the chance to join in and share their own experiences. Or get any questions answered they may have about our Show Airing on youtube.  Or just the paranormal and supernatural in general.

How many times have you watched a paranormal show and been like man I wish I could ask them how that felt. Or what was on their minds at the time? Well now’s your chance just hop in chat or call in and get those questions answered.

Our first online radio episode will be going live Tuesday night Sep 22 at 8pm. CST. Where we will be introducing Our team of investigators. And announcing the location and air date of our first episode of Southern Mysteries on Youtube .(Trust me you won’t want to miss that it’s a doozy of a location.)

We hope everyone will tune in, Join in and have fun with us as we present ourselves to the world.

You can find the links to everything right here.

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Thanks so much for checking us out and for all the support and encouragement we have already received. It means the world to all of us and especially to me …The Ghostly Cowboy

It Has Begun

All of us here at Ghostly Cowboy Productions as well As the Southern Mysteries Paranormal Group. Are proud to present the trailer for our new web series Southern Mysteries. We are working hard to bring you great episodes of our investigations, Interviews and Findings

We are also proud to announce our new online radio show’s blogtalk radio page is now completed and we will be launching that in the very near future. (Dates for first show to be announced)

Our Goal is to bring you quality investigations and to share findings of any evidence we gather.Be it paranormal or just natural occurances that are being mistaken as something more.

We also want to do our best to help those whose live’s have been touched by the paranormal and supernatural find answers and if possible peace.

Altho we have been involved in the paranormal for nearly three decades this is our first ever endeavor to bring  what we do into the public’s eye.

And we truly hope if nothing else is taken away from our work. Our Honor and passion for this field and our desire to help others get answers they may be seeking. Will leave a lasting impression on all who cross our paths.

We truly hope you will follow and enjoy our shows, Lives streams, Radio broadcasts, Speacial events and more. As we hunt down the things many fear to believe.

Thank you sincerely from all of us at here at Ghostly Cowboy productions. And The Southern Mysteries Paranormal Group.

And espeacialy from me James Wraieth….The Ghostly Cowboy.