Top 5 Paranormal events With My Haunted doll

Thats right folks we been away for a bit. Life threw some sour lemons at me. But now I’m Back with a tanker of lemonade. And we have some big things in store for Southern Mysteries.

Thank everyone for hanging in there with us. We very much appreciate each and everyone one of you. Here’s and new video to kick off our return with. Hope you enjoy it let us know what you think!


Investigation with Katalina A haunted Doll

This was an amazing investigation. It was better than I could have hoped. With some of the best evidence I have gotten with this doll. And some of the best I have seen period in a long time.

It started kind of impromptu as my daughter had went into the storage room in our house to get something and was frightened by what she thought was the shadow of a man standing beside the doll. That led me to take the doll into the garage and start up my investigation. And it only got better from there.

Please watch share and subscribe to my youtube or my blog. And let me know if you see or hear anything I may have missed as the activity was crazy and I may have missed some myself.

Southern Mysteries Premiere Episode The Dead Children’s Playground

We are proud to announce our premiere episode is now online and ready to view. We sincerely hope you like the show. And Know that we will strive to improve and be better each time.

The Dead Children’s Playground was a an amazing location, The activity and energy of the playground was felt and recorded by all of us. You could feel the energy crawling on your skin in this place. Our spirit box session’s was great with some very interesting interactions between our team and the spirit’s of this playground. I truly hope we can get back there for another investigation soon.

Thank you to everyone who showed us support and interest while we got this going. We appreciate each and everyone one of you as well as any new viewers.

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From all of us here at Southern Mysteries And especially Me ..James Wraieth..The Ghostly Cowboy.. Thank you and hope you enjoy.


Interview with James Wraieth

Source: Interview with James Wraieth

It Was Truly an honor to be interviewed by such an Amazing writer and person As Sheila. And I consider it a high point in my many years of doing paranormal research.


It Has Begun

All of us here at Ghostly Cowboy Productions as well As the Southern Mysteries Paranormal Group. Are proud to present the trailer for our new web series Southern Mysteries. We are working hard to bring you great episodes of our investigations, Interviews and Findings

We are also proud to announce our new online radio show’s blogtalk radio page is now completed and we will be launching that in the very near future. (Dates for first show to be announced)

Our Goal is to bring you quality investigations and to share findings of any evidence we gather.Be it paranormal or just natural occurances that are being mistaken as something more.

We also want to do our best to help those whose live’s have been touched by the paranormal and supernatural find answers and if possible peace.

Altho we have been involved in the paranormal for nearly three decades this is our first ever endeavor to bring  what we do into the public’s eye.

And we truly hope if nothing else is taken away from our work. Our Honor and passion for this field and our desire to help others get answers they may be seeking. Will leave a lasting impression on all who cross our paths.

We truly hope you will follow and enjoy our shows, Lives streams, Radio broadcasts, Speacial events and more. As we hunt down the things many fear to believe.

Thank you sincerely from all of us at here at Ghostly Cowboy productions. And The Southern Mysteries Paranormal Group.

And espeacialy from me James Wraieth….The Ghostly Cowboy.


Upcoming investigation Matheney’s Creek bridge in northern alabama.

Matheney’s bridge has long been reported to be haunted. With reports of ghostly apparitions, The sound of a woman crying and even a hell hound. Some of the reports go back several decades.

The most  three most prominent of these report’s are of.

The spirit of an old hermit who lived in a campsite beneath the bridge for a few years and sadly passed away there during a harsh winter.His spirit is said to be seen underneath the bridge searching for something. Some believe he is searching for his dog which had also died sometime between when the hermit did and when his remains was found.

The sound of a woman sobbing is said to be heard in the center of the bridge.Supposedly she is the spirit of a young woman who had fallen in love with a neighbor’s son. And was forbidden by her father to be with him due to some long forgotten fued between their families. But would sneak away at night to meet with her lover on the bridge. Untill he was drafted during the vietnam war. Where he was killed in action.

So she would secretly slip away at night to the bridge where they had met so many times. And quietly sob the night away morning the loss of her true love.

And finaly sightings of a strangely large canine that locals have dubbed the hell hound of Matheney’s. This hound is said to be much larger than a normal dog almost.three times larger than a full grown german shepard.

Solid black in color and covered in matted long fur. As well as having redish or some reports say yellow colored eye’s.

This hound is said to bound out in front of oncoming traffic thats crossing the bridge causing them to suddenly stop to avoid the large animal. While releasing a howl thats said to be heard up to a mile away from the bridge.

Its howls are said to be an eerie mix between a wolf and a scream. Those who report hearing the creature say the sound of the howl is enough to make most people shudder and seek shelter in side their homes.

Theres even been a report of someone having a heart attack from fear caused by the sound. It’s also rumored hearing the animal or seeing it causes nightmares for days or even weeks at a time.

But after the initial sighting the hound is said to just vanish into thin air. Or if the car dosn’t stop it will leap over the car and dissapear before landing to the ground.

(Note I have not looked into historical or local records yet to confirm any deaths or trama’s on the bridge or at any of the nearby homes and grounds. But will be doing so before our upcoming investigation.)

I have simply started my preliminary investigation by gathering the stories and reports from local’s and those who have heard them while growing up around the area.

But after our research is complete me and my team will be investigating and sharing any findings we may uncover. Keep an eye on this blog. Our Southern Mysteries Youtube channel. And my twitter @ghostlycowboy.  For investigation dates and evidence finding’s. As well as a full episode of the investigation. And the launch date of Southern Mysteries Web Radio show on blog talk radio. where I will be taking callers comments and questions about our investigations and all things paranormal. live on the internet airwaves.

Thanks for checking us out guys and hope you will follow along as we try to uncover some of the great mysteries of the south. As always  feel free to post comments, questions or stories.

Sincerly James Wraieth …..The Ghostly Cowboy


The New Changes and Southern Mysteries

 Every once in awhile in a persons life they come to a point. Where it is no longer acceptable for them to continue as they always have. They realize that they either have to move forward or come to a stop. Well I have decided To move forward.

For over twenty five years I have investigated the paranormal. Helping those who may need it where ever and how ever I can. I grew up in a small town in northern Alabama. Blessed to be the child of a very strange mix.

My family history is steep in religous beliefs as well as Cherokee beliefs . At the age of fifteen I had my first of many paranormal experiences. This began me on my life long quest for knowledge and answers.

I learned that my little small town was seething with tales of ghosts and strange phenomenon. As was many more all across the south and the world.

And I chased after them with a fervor. Always wanting to learn more, get more answers, and be more able to help those whose lives like mine was changed by something beyond our control.

That is my Reasoning behind founding and Producing A new Web series  Called Southern Mysteries. And the restructuring of my blog site, As well as the launch of a new blogtalk radio show.  To tell the stories that have fascinated so many for centuries. Right here in the south.

To help those who might need it if I am able. Or to lead them to the right places to find that help if I’m not able.  So along with some wonderful friends I have made along the way, That shares my desire for answers.

We are going to investigate and if possible uncover the truths, and reasons behind these legends, hauntings and strange phenomenon.

Some of these you may have heard of already as they are widely known around the world. Such as the Bell witch of Tennessee. Or the Ghosts of the old South Pittsburg hospital.But what about those you havnt heard of?

Such as the Ghost train of Sand Mountain. The Hell hound and crying lady of Matheny’s Bridge. There is a treasure trove of supernatural and paranormal activity all across the south.

From the legendary White Thing of Alabama to the UFO of Fyffe. And we want to share and explore them all with you.

The new pourpose of this blog site will now be to share these legends and stories with you. As well as announce new episodes and investigations coming up.

But not just that. If you have a story to share or questions about a paranormal experience. I want this blog and our Radio show to be a place you can come to share, get answers and even find help if needed.

A place to find information, legends and answers. I sincerely hope you will follow us along for the ride. Be sure to check back often for new stories. New investigative news. And new evidence finds.

Thanks From all of us here at Ghostly Cowboy Productions. And Espeacily me The Ghostly Cowboy …James Wraieth

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Also Feel free to post questions comments or ideas for investigations.

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