Rumble Video A Youtube Alternative For Smaller Creators

So I found this sight while surfing the web looking for way’s to get Southern Mysteries Some Exposure. After spending the last two days dredging through reviews news articles and user posts. I’ve got to admit I am fairly impressed. What this sight does is offer a video creators portal alternative to Youtube. While the sight is no where near as big as Youtube it does offer something unique.

The sight its self can purchase your videos and distribute them to some major outlets such as yahoo, Msn And Xboxlive to be featured on their sights. You can either sell outright to or enter into agreements to have your video’s promoted and you collect the lions share of the ad generated revenue.

While Youtube is the largest video upload sight in the world the sight itself doesn’t really do anything to promote user video’s at least not without a fee for doing so. And it’s sheer size is enough to drown small time channels or new creators trying to get their content seen.

What this sight does is promote and distribute your video’s to many different sights Youtube included and helps get your Brand or creations seen. And of course they are making money even if you are not. But then again what sight like this doesn’t.

But the exposure and submission of your content Could mean a lot higher earning potential down the road. Even if making money isn’t your primary concern. (like me) The opportunity to get seen by a much larger viewing base is enough to make me consider using Rumble.

They even offer a customizable creators video player you can embed into your own web sight to showcase your creations or video’s from other sources you want to be available on your sight.

I would love to share Southern Mysteries finding’s and our hard work to a larger number of people. My goal for the past 28 years is to help people with paranormal encounters. And offer advice to those who may want it. And even if i never make a dime from it I will continue to do this as best I can. But lets face it , it takes cash to travel and for equipment. So if I can subsidize some of those expenses without challenging the integrity I have built over the last nearly three decades. I see no reason I shouldn’t.

This sight may very well offer the means to do so without me having to feel like I am being governed or overseen by anyone else. I am going to give it a whirl and see how it goes as there is no penalty or anything for leaving it once signed up.

I will post my thoughts and reviews of this sight later down the road. If anyone is interested in checking them out or trying them for them selves here is a link to their sight.  That is the referral link meaning you heard about it from me. Another pretty nice feature of the sight. If you try it let me know what you think.


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