Continuing to grow!

Just a small update to let our viewers listeners and other know all of us here at Southern Mysteries is hard at work to bring you guys some great new investigations video’s and radio content.

We have some incredible locations to reveal. From haunted hospitals to a U.F.O. sighting that changed an entire towns way of life. A Bigfoot type creature that has had sightings and fueled legends since the 60’s. And much, much more.

We are all dedicated to bringing you new and exciting locations investigations as well as evidence or proof otherwise. So check back often for new episodes of both our web show and radio show. As well as upcoming live events and  Some really great special guests being lined up for our radio show.

Find all of our video’s radio archives and photo’s or articles right here on our blog or just follow the link’s in our home pages menu.

We want to say thank you, To everyone who has shown us support and continues to follow us along as we grow, get better and present ourselves to you. As well as anyone who is just finding us and checking us out for the first time.

We appreciate each and every one of you and welcome any feed back comments or questions you may have.

Sincerely James Wraieth



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