Rumble Video A Youtube Alternative For Smaller Creators

So I found this sight while surfing the web looking for way’s to get Southern Mysteries Some Exposure. After spending the last two days dredging through reviews news articles and user posts. I’ve got to admit I am fairly impressed. What this sight does is offer a video creators portal alternative to Youtube. While the sight is no where near as big as Youtube it does offer something unique.

The sight its self can purchase your videos and distribute them to some major outlets such as yahoo, Msn And Xboxlive to be featured on their sights. You can either sell outright to or enter into agreements to have your video’s promoted and you collect the lions share of the ad generated revenue.

While Youtube is the largest video upload sight in the world the sight itself doesn’t really do anything to promote user video’s at least not without a fee for doing so. And it’s sheer size is enough to drown small time channels or new creators trying to get their content seen.

What this sight does is promote and distribute your video’s to many different sights Youtube included and helps get your Brand or creations seen. And of course they are making money even if you are not. But then again what sight like this doesn’t.

But the exposure and submission of your content Could mean a lot higher earning potential down the road. Even if making money isn’t your primary concern. (like me) The opportunity to get seen by a much larger viewing base is enough to make me consider using Rumble.

They even offer a customizable creators video player you can embed into your own web sight to showcase your creations or video’s from other sources you want to be available on your sight.

I would love to share Southern Mysteries finding’s and our hard work to a larger number of people. My goal for the past 28 years is to help people with paranormal encounters. And offer advice to those who may want it. And even if i never make a dime from it I will continue to do this as best I can. But lets face it , it takes cash to travel and for equipment. So if I can subsidize some of those expenses without challenging the integrity I have built over the last nearly three decades. I see no reason I shouldn’t.

This sight may very well offer the means to do so without me having to feel like I am being governed or overseen by anyone else. I am going to give it a whirl and see how it goes as there is no penalty or anything for leaving it once signed up.

I will post my thoughts and reviews of this sight later down the road. If anyone is interested in checking them out or trying them for them selves here is a link to their sight.  That is the referral link meaning you heard about it from me. Another pretty nice feature of the sight. If you try it let me know what you think.

Top 5 Paranormal events With My Haunted doll

Thats right folks we been away for a bit. Life threw some sour lemons at me. But now I’m Back with a tanker of lemonade. And we have some big things in store for Southern Mysteries.

Thank everyone for hanging in there with us. We very much appreciate each and everyone one of you. Here’s and new video to kick off our return with. Hope you enjoy it let us know what you think!

Investigation with Katalina A haunted Doll

This was an amazing investigation. It was better than I could have hoped. With some of the best evidence I have gotten with this doll. And some of the best I have seen period in a long time.

It started kind of impromptu as my daughter had went into the storage room in our house to get something and was frightened by what she thought was the shadow of a man standing beside the doll. That led me to take the doll into the garage and start up my investigation. And it only got better from there.

Please watch share and subscribe to my youtube or my blog. And let me know if you see or hear anything I may have missed as the activity was crazy and I may have missed some myself.

Announcing our viewer give away

All of us here at Southern Mysteries is very thankful for our viewers and the support we have been shown. And we want to continue to grow and get better as well as grow our audience and viewers.

With that in mind we are excited to  announce our very first Southern Mysteries viewer giveaway. When our youtube channel reaches 250 subscriptions one randomly picked lucky viewer will be receiving these great gifts

book and movie set

The Everything Ghost Hunting book! While the name might be alittle silly, This wonderful book is a treasure trove of information and idea’s for anyone into or thinking of getting into the world of paranormal investigations. It has something for the beginner as well as seasoned veterans of the field. Its a wonderful addition to any serious investigators reference library. And will be signed by our whole team.

That same lucky viewer will also receive a 5 disk box set of Haunted Histories As seen on the history channel. Covering subjects from hauntings and poltergeist to the history of Halloween and the Salem Witch trials. A great addition to any Paranormal lovers video collection.

But the giveaway doesn’t stop there. When we reach 500 subscribers we will be giving away a special Halloween treat box.

Touchscreen evp recorder

But its what’s in the box that’s exciting. Inside the coffin treat box is a GPX touchscreen media player and audio recording device. This little gem is completely touch screen allows for audio recording, downloading and playing your favorite music.

And even downloading and watching video’s on the go. It is a wonderful addition to any paranormal lovers tool bag. Or just as a everyday media device. It Has a 4 gig built in memory and a micro sd slot to expand upon. Organize case files E.V.P files and more. File transfers And recharging are easy using just a usb cord.

We simply want to show how much we appreciate you guys for watching our show and following us along. And we hope you will continue subscribe and share us with your friends and help us grow. As we work to uncover some of the South’s great Mysteries.

From all of us here at Southern Mysteries and especially me ….James Wraieth  We extend A very heart felt and sincere thank you, And we are all looking forward to being able to announce the lucky winners names soon……

Continuing to grow!

Just a small update to let our viewers listeners and other know all of us here at Southern Mysteries is hard at work to bring you guys some great new investigations video’s and radio content.

We have some incredible locations to reveal. From haunted hospitals to a U.F.O. sighting that changed an entire towns way of life. A Bigfoot type creature that has had sightings and fueled legends since the 60’s. And much, much more.

We are all dedicated to bringing you new and exciting locations investigations as well as evidence or proof otherwise. So check back often for new episodes of both our web show and radio show. As well as upcoming live events and  Some really great special guests being lined up for our radio show.

Find all of our video’s radio archives and photo’s or articles right here on our blog or just follow the link’s in our home pages menu.

We want to say thank you, To everyone who has shown us support and continues to follow us along as we grow, get better and present ourselves to you. As well as anyone who is just finding us and checking us out for the first time.

We appreciate each and every one of you and welcome any feed back comments or questions you may have.

Sincerely James Wraieth


Southern Mysteries Premiere Episode The Dead Children’s Playground

We are proud to announce our premiere episode is now online and ready to view. We sincerely hope you like the show. And Know that we will strive to improve and be better each time.

The Dead Children’s Playground was a an amazing location, The activity and energy of the playground was felt and recorded by all of us. You could feel the energy crawling on your skin in this place. Our spirit box session’s was great with some very interesting interactions between our team and the spirit’s of this playground. I truly hope we can get back there for another investigation soon.

Thank you to everyone who showed us support and interest while we got this going. We appreciate each and everyone one of you as well as any new viewers.

Don’t forget to share like and comment guys your interaction is much wanted.

From all of us here at Southern Mysteries And especially Me ..James Wraieth..The Ghostly Cowboy.. Thank you and hope you enjoy.