Time to move on.

For thirty years I have been involved in the paranormal field, In that time I have witnessed miracles, faced evils most wouldn’t believe, and learned things I would never have imagined could be true. I was able to help so many people, and for that … Continue reading Time to move on.


Oh the Flames of Love, just another small piece from my newest book.

I was still lost in thought standing on the top of that clock, letting the fog and cold wind wash over me. Praying it would wash some of this pain away with it, when the gentle touch of her hand on my arm brought me back.


I turned to see her standing at my side her golden eyes shining in the darkness of my world. Her Auburn hair was damp with sweat and fog. Her gown stuck to her body with perspiration as though she had been standing in the sun too long.


The look of concern on her face was more than I could stand causing the flood gates to open and the tears flowed again down my face. I couldn’t stop them, I couldn’t hide my sobs anymore and thank god with her I didn’t have to. She hugged me to her and I buried my face in her shoulder sinking to the ground relinquishing myself to the pain and sorrow.


Her gentle hand stroked my hair and held my head to her chest as a mother would comforting a child. All the pain, all the guilt, everything I kept bottled inside me gushed out now in waves of tears and sobs. She didn’t speak but she didn’t need to, her love was so much more than I deserved but I thank the heavens and earth for it every day of my existence.


When I was finally able to regain myself, and get back to my feet she stood there looking up at me her golden eyes showed no displeasure or disappointment only concern and love. It made me hate myself, and love her all the more.


“I’m sorry,” Was all she said as she raised her head to kiss me gently. I almost broke down again but I turned back towards the lights of the city and fought back against the despair I felt.

“I swore I’d never take another life I didn’t have to” I told her still looking at the city.


“I know” she whispered taking my hand squeezing it firmly. Just the feel of her hand helps me strengthen myself. I turn back to her and pull her to me, I wrap my arms around her and kiss her deeply, letting all that pain turn to passion for her.


We embrace on the top of that clock like lovers standing on top of the world. Her touch is warm her kisses soft. I feel her body quiver under my touch her breasts swelling against my chest. Her hands reach to pull off my coat and the shirt I wear, gently tracing the scars on my chest as they drift towards the fastens on my trousers.


I clutch her tighter to me and untie the straps that bind the gown across her back. It drops to the floor leaving her body bare in the breeze. Her hair drifts and waves like the branches of a willow tree, and she moans softly as I touch her. My calloused hands slide across her skin and down her arms like testing the softness of a silken sheet.


She kisses me deeper now giving herself to me fully, her hands reach my shoulders and pushes me down onto the clocks roof settling herself on top of me. Our bodies mold together and the passion of our actions erupts the soul fire inside both of us. It grows and pulses with each movement we make.


Her gentle moans only feed the fire inside me and together our flames spread outward and upward forming a pillar of blue light that shoots into the night sky like the bursts of a flare. They rocket into the darkness and erupt in a burst of blues and greens. The mortals are stopping on the street now to see the strange fireworks and wonder what the occasion is.


But at this moment I don’t care I am relinquishing all this pent-up energy and pain. In a final explosive burst of soul fire, we light the entire sky above the clock, a blazing light that slowly fades to the dull glow of a pair of candles as we lay there in each other’s arms.


“Why did you come tonight” I asked her.

“Because I knew you needed me” was her soft reply, laying her head on my shoulder and holding me close.

“Yes, I did” I told her kissing her head. She will never know how much. I needed her touch, I needed her warmth, I need her to keep me sane.

Just A Taste of my new Book

So the polls are in and it was a resounding yes. I’m both proud and in awe at the response of people wanting a teaser of my newest book. So here it is in all it’s raw non-proof read form. I truly hope you enjoy it. Please leave me comments letting me know your honest thoughts.


I see her standing in the door way of our small house, can smell her lilac perfume she loved so much. I worked all spring that year to pay for it for our anniversary. She’s calling our children to come in for the evenings meal. After the clan’s war with a neighboring family we could finally get back to our lives. And they were the most important thing in mine.


Her chestnut hair blowing slightly in the evenings breeze, the smile that made all the aches and evils of war seem like a shadow of another life. We had finished our meal and I had went across the field to gather our sheep and pin them up, so the wolves wouldn’t make a meal of them.


I had barely made the top of the hill where they were still lazily grazing, when the wind brought what I thought was the sound of screams to my ears. I stood and listened straining hard to see if I could hear it again. Then I noticed the night sky towards my home was glowing red like a flame from a torch shinning in the darkness.


This time I Know I heard it the unmistakable sounds of screaming, I rushed back across the fields towards my home only to be met by a husband and father’s worst nightmare. My home, our barn, everything was burning. The flames climbed towards the sky and my wife’s screams filled the air like a thousand locusts. I rushed towards the house I had to reach them, I had to get them out.


“GOD LET ME GET THEM OUT PLEASE!” I screamed into the flames. But before I could make it into the house they were on me. Men from that rival clan, five of them stood between me and the screams of my wife. They were laughing and pointing at me. My fear turned to rage they did this! I had to get to her and my children. I drew the hunting dagger I carried on my belt and lunged like a mad man at the one closest to me.


The surprise was still on his face as my dagger slipped under his chin protruding from his bottom jaw up into the top of his mouth. I ripped the dagger out and was moving towards the next before his body even settled on the ground. By now they were ready for me. The second one swung his club striking my ribs and shattering them when the blow landed.


But the fear for my family had already numbed me to the bone. I grabbed his hair jerking his head back and slicing hard with the dagger. Blood squirted out of the long gash in his neck and covered my face. A third man had already drawn his bow and was releasing the arrow which barely missed my head. I spun to the right and ran towards him but the second arrow found its mark and set deep in my left thigh.


I staggered and went down Jerking the arrow out, I was already moving again. I made it to him before he could release another deadly shot, plunging my dagger up to the hilt in his chest. His gurgles and look of pain I barely noticed as I let go and broke towards the house. I couldn’t hear her anymore.


There were no more screams just the cracking of the wooden beams and the roar of the flames. I fell to my knees and began praying but the house was gone now consumed by the fire. And so were my family.


The two remaining mongrels had retreated into the nearby forest. I was alone now, broken, bloody, and to weak of spirit to move I collapsed. When I opened my eyes again the morning sun had made its way over the nearby mountain, and shined through the smoke casting a dreadful haze over the still smoldering ashes of my life. I set about the soul killing task of finding and burying the remains of my wife and children.


The wounds from the night before were nearly forgotten in my torment but whether out of instinct or rage, I managed to clean and dress them with the water from our well and strips of cloth, I made from our bed sheets that had been hung to dry the day before.


I could barely think, the rage in my heart had consumed any thoughts of everything except vengeance. I made my way to the willow tree where me and my wife had said our wedding vows and began to dig up an old wooden box. Inside were the horrors of war, the very things I had sworn to my family I would never touch again. Now I dug at the ground to get at them like a starving dog looking for the last meal he will ever have.


When it was finally uncovered and open before me, I reached inside to draw out the bow and sword I had used to kill in the name of my clan. I held them in my hands the tears and sweat streaming together down my face, dirt and moisture from the ground covered my body. The smell of blood, smoke and sorrow filled my senses driving my sanity to the darkest corners of my mind. All that was left of me was a broken wraith, but if this was to be my end so be it. I swore on all that is sacred in this world they would suffer as I did.


I spent the rest of the day traveling through the forest, carefully going unseen until I found myself on a hill top hidden in a grove of ash wood trees. In the clearing below stood the rival clans nearest farm stead. I knew those bastards from last night had to come from here as the next closest village was at least three days march to the east.


I scanned the homes and fields of the settlement looking for any sign of the men but there was none. The bastards are probably hiding out after what they did. The war was over and our clan’s leaders had reached a settlement two winters before. Raids upon rivals was not allowed during times of peace and the punishment for them was harsh.


I would not take this to some council and let them debate for god knows how long until they could find those responsible, not when I knew where to find them. No! they need to die, they have to die! I was just about to move out of the grove I was hiding in when I saw the woman and her child working in the garden of the closest home.


I notched my arrow and took a deep breath, letting the rage and grief I felt take control of my senses. The arrow flew straight and with just a whisper from the feathers of its shaft, lodged itself deep in the child’s chest killing it immediately. The look of horror on the mother’s face made my heart sing, now she knew how my wife must have felt to see our children burn to death.


Before her scream even reached the height of her pain another arrow found its home in her throat. She clawed at it and slumped down on her knees, finally falling face down into the dirt. I drew my sword and rushed into the settlement today my sorrow would be quenched.


By the time it was over four women and seven children lay dead at my feet, their blood mixed with the sweat that soaked my clothing. I drug them all to the center of the settlement so I knew they would be easily found, took some oil from their storage rooms and drenched their bodies.


With a torch I found outside one of the homes I set the entire settlement ablaze, ending with the pile of bodies. They will know my pain this day I thought.  After the slaughter I was both physically and emotionally drained. I no longer cared what happened to me if I was to die here so be it, there was nothing left inside me but sorrow, death would be a release.


I slumped to the ground giving over to the exhaustion and pain of my wounds. My rage and strength both spent.


Our Families Back is Broken

Family, I’m not sure what that means to everyone, but for me it means everything. And in our family when one is suffering we all do. It is with a heavy heart and a growing prayer that I turn to you guys with a plea for help.

Many of you know me, we have chatted on twitter or periscope, I do not ask for anything from anyone I can not give something back in return. But this is not for, me it is for a family member who is in dire need.

One of my family had to have a rod put into her back when she was A child. She needed it to continue walking because her spine was misshapen and it would have crippled her eventually, had she not gotten it.

Well now some thirty years later the rod has come loose and she is again in danger of it crippling her. The pain she is in is a constant thing. She is now having trouble walking and the shape of her spine is drawing her body to one side. Thankfully we was blessed so much, by the leading spine surgeon in the world  taking her case. All the other doctors she seen had passed her over, out of fear of not succeeding. He told her yes I can fix you.

The surgery and the arrangement’s have been made. They will have to travel to New York, where they will have to stay for no less than twenty one days. The expenses of such a trip will be enormous, even going as cheap as possible. The whole family has been struggling with ways to make sure this trip would be possible.

Her and her husband have been hard workers and wonderful people their whole lives. And do not ask for more than they need from life. Their young son took it upon himself, to do what the rest of us failed to think of. He started a gofundme account in her name. Trying like the rest of us to do anything he could to help his mom.

Their son set the gofundme at 1,000 but truth is they need closer to 6,000 for the husbands lodging, plane tickets as she isn’t able to stand the drive there, food, taxi’s and just over all living expenses.  So I ask everyone if you are able please donate what you can to help them. If your not able to donate then please say a prayer that this works out for them. That’s all we can ask.

The link for the gofundme as well as pictures of her ex-rays are below. Thank you for any donation or prayers you can send their way. 19424176_10154893614656748_3700562400548183197_n 0815170748_HDR-2


As you can see the rod and screws have come loose no longer supporting her spine. And she is in tremendous pain.

Here is the gofundme and again if you can’t donate that’s ok, A prayer is just as welcome. And thank you again from the bottom of our families heart.



Paranormal Journals Official Release

My new book becomes available for download tonight. It is also available in paperback anywhere amazon services. I hope everyone will check it out, post their reviews and let me know what you think personally.

The events in this book helped to shape my life and have driven a nearly three decade search for answers. It exposed me to a world few ever see…..

Will You??


Paranormal Journals, A Lifetime Of Strange

I know I have been somewhat absent lately, and for this I apologize. But there is a reason for my absence. And I am proud to announce that reason today.

This marks a new chapter in my life. One that has been a long time coming I think. I have finished my first book. This is very personal for me. Many of the stories in this book have not been shared with anyone outside of close family.

I have spent nearly three decades, searching for answers to many of the strange things that intertwine with our world. But the stories in this book, are some of the ones that found me. They are some of the most profound and life altering moments in my life.

My hope is anyone that reads this book, will maybe get a new perspective on some of the strange things that may have happened to them, or someone they know.

That they may find some amount of comfort in the fact they are not alone. There is others who have been there as well. And that these strange forces that touch our lives be they terrible or wondrous, do not have to dictate us.

They can be survived and to some degree understood.

I hope you will check out, enjoy, and in some way be able to relate with my first book.

It’s a big part of what makes me who I am today.DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL Paranormal Journals, A Lifetime Of Strange



Rumble Video A Youtube Alternative For Smaller Creators

So I found this rumble.com sight while surfing the web looking for way’s to get Southern Mysteries Some Exposure. After spending the last two days dredging through reviews news articles and user posts. I’ve got to admit I am fairly impressed. What this sight does is offer a video creators portal alternative to Youtube. While the sight is no where near as big as Youtube it does offer something unique.

The sight its self can purchase your videos and distribute them to some major outlets such as yahoo, Msn And Xboxlive to be featured on their sights. You can either sell outright to Rumble.com or enter into agreements to have your video’s promoted and you collect the lions share of the ad generated revenue.

While Youtube is the largest video upload sight in the world the sight itself doesn’t really do anything to promote user video’s at least not without a fee for doing so. And it’s sheer size is enough to drown small time channels or new creators trying to get their content seen.

What this sight does is promote and distribute your video’s to many different sights Youtube included and helps get your Brand or creations seen. And of course they are making money even if you are not. But then again what sight like this doesn’t.

But the exposure and submission of your content Could mean a lot higher earning potential down the road. Even if making money isn’t your primary concern. (like me) The opportunity to get seen by a much larger viewing base is enough to make me consider using Rumble.

They even offer a customizable creators video player you can embed into your own web sight to showcase your creations or video’s from other sources you want to be available on your sight.

I would love to share Southern Mysteries finding’s and our hard work to a larger number of people. My goal for the past 28 years is to help people with paranormal encounters. And offer advice to those who may want it. And even if i never make a dime from it I will continue to do this as best I can. But lets face it , it takes cash to travel and for equipment. So if I can subsidize some of those expenses without challenging the integrity I have built over the last nearly three decades. I see no reason I shouldn’t.

This sight may very well offer the means to do so without me having to feel like I am being governed or overseen by anyone else. I am going to give it a whirl and see how it goes as there is no penalty or anything for leaving it once signed up.

I will post my thoughts and reviews of this sight later down the road. If anyone is interested in checking them out or trying them for them selves here is a link to their sight.

https://rumble.com/register/GhostlyCowboy/  That is the referral link meaning you heard about it from me. Another pretty nice feature of the sight. If you try it let me know what you think.